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Welcoming Scholarly Fiction In The Field Of Literature

Shopping - admin - January 19, 2020

scholarly fiction

We all love to read books of various genres that sometimes for some people even become the most integral part of their lives. Books, especially, for children of all age, contributes to their growing up and shaping their life. There can be both subject books as well as storybooks that equally help out each individual right from the toddler age to adulthood. There are two categories of books that people of all ages like to read- fiction and non-fiction. Fiction and non-fiction. There are a few types of genres that come under both A part of the fiction literature is scholarly fiction.

What is Fiction Literature?

Fiction literature involves stories that give out a fabricated account and are not based upon real stories. The entire literature dwells upon imaginative stories without a tinge of fact in them. So, they are not much serious read. The main genres that Fiction Literature can include are:

scholarly fiction

  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Crime
  • Science fiction
  • Horror
  • Historical Fiction
  • Inspirational

The scholarly fiction is said to be a part of the Fiction Literature and is a new innovation.

Defining Scholarly Fiction

Scholarly Fiction is defined as the kind of fiction that involves a conflict between personal lies and personal truths. The ideologies that are penned down in scholarly fictional literature are expressed mostly through imagination in such a way that the truth cannot be determined in any way. Such imaginative thoughts are shared publicly.

The Creator Of Scholarly Fiction

Sir Wolfdogg Lanier-French who belongs from America,  is known as the master of this fiction, which he believes to be a literature that is a contrast between fact and imagination. Sir Wolfdogg is a writer who has traveled the world and come up with various writing materials that include historical accounts of places, people, and other things. Recently, with his creation of the new novel Cops and Lovers: Unspoken Truths about Crimes and Relationships introduces the genre of scholarly fiction very subtly. He has driven literature towards a completely new journey by embarking on this new fictional path.

Literature has its own variations as well as its own forms. Each form comes along with a style and structure. Scholarly Literature is such a fiction that has been introduced to offer something new in the field of literature. This new genre is yet to make a dramatic mark among the other critics and authors.

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