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Business - admin - October 29, 2018

portal for maid agencies

Thehardest part to hire a maid is it to find an agency. There are numerous options in front of you, every other agency appearsgood, but still, it’s getting on your nerves. In order to make it appropriate for you, search maid is making it easy to find the most appropriate agency which is convenient and honest for you.

Many people in Singapore want the maid for daily households, but choosing an agency is another method that needs your attention. Singapore is a country where people continue busy with their hectic plans and find it hard to maintain their house. is a top-rated search entrance for maid agencies in Singapore. They are proud to be the innovators of introducing state of the art web portal for maid agencies in Singapore. This maids agency provides experienced and knowledgeable maids all over in Singapore on quite nominal fee.

Maid Agency Records

Search maid has a broad database and there are some very vital steps that they go through before listing any agency in theirwide database. Accordingly, check out the way some of the maids agency review maid agencies and decide to register with them.

  • Experience and Exposure of the agency
  • The maid services they are providing
  • Accessibility and government ranking
  • Customer reviews on their web
  • Price listing
  • Maid Agency Records

There is an employment directory (EA) on the government official website and reachable to check an agency track record, its authorization and successful holding rate too. So, it is useful for the employers who select an agency with us because it only recorded after checking its scoring on the government website.

According to the government policy, it is obligatory to the maids agency to release the conditions of arguments between a maid and employer or associated with agency and the employer, all the terms should be revealed in the contract at the time of hiring. Sort the matter by succeeding the argument handling mechanism propped while signing an agreement, but or else you should register your complaint to the small rights tribunals (a platform by the government).

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