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Choosing the Right Food Pan to Improve the Cooking

Food - admin - November 14, 2016

Choosing the perfect pan for cooking seems simple but for better cooking, you need to select the right pan. Check out the essential qualities you must look before buying a food pan.

  1. Best Materials

Avoid using the thinner gauge materials as they heat the pan unevenly and food can scorch. So, select the food pan that is made up of a good conductor of heat and the high-quality material which deliver heat evenly.

  1. Responsive

H2 : It should be responsive enough to quickly respond to the heat changes of flame and according to the heat source. Otherwise, it will affect the cooking as food may stick to the cookware.

  1. Non-stick

It’s good to cook when food doesn’t stick to the pan. So try to use the cookwares that won’t scratch the coatings of the pan by sticking to the wall. You don’t have to concern yourself to take care of it in your busy routine . It is also difficult to wash the sticky cookware.


  1. Handles

The handle should be heat resistant or heat proof to avoid burning of hands and make the cooking hassle free. Many times it affects the cooking as many pans often come with the insulation-free metal handles.

  1. Non Reactive

It should be non-reactive to the acidic chemicals to avoid the dreadful diseases and help to serve the best quality food. Cooking and storing acidic foods in the nonstick pans likely to save the reaction of food with a bad quality pan.

  1. Durable

Durability should be checked to avoid the problems of maintenance like rust and peeling off of the surface. It should be long-lasting and able to withstand the wear and tear due to scratches, dings, and dents.

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance is a major issue for most of the cooks. Cleaning after cooking is often frustrating. Use the cookware that is easy to clean. It can easily be scrubbed, soaked, and cleaned without any problems. Always try to clean immediately after cooking.

  1. Lightweight

It should be lightweight so that it is easy to work and maintain. It’s always easy to handle the cookwares that are lightweight.

  1. Appearance

It should look bright after even many years of use.

  1. Versatility

It can be multipurpose in cooking all types of food.

Hope these qualities will help you to choose the best pan to improve the cooking and making delicious foods like Soya Chunks Biryani.

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Carrageenan – The Process and Usage

Food - admin - November 6, 2016

For the purpose of commercial use, carrageenan is mainly extracted from the red sea weeds. The seaweeds are first harvested and then dried. It is then grounded and sifted .This is later washed to remove the sand and the other impurities that are present in this. After soaking the weeds into the alkaline solution like potassium hydroxide and by the process of heating it can be removed from the sea weeds. The cellulose that is present in this can be removed by the process of filtration and the solution that is remained is brought into the process of evaporation to remove the content of water from this. The carrageenan thus powdered is then grounded to come into the final stage.


It can be made in the similar manner from the home also. In most of the commercial products this is diluted with the sugar. This is for the purpose of standardization. It can be mixed with the salt for its gelling property and to thicken the food products. Irish moth from which the this supplement is extracted is very popular in nourishing the skin. This is commonly used in many cosmetics and the skin products. This is mainly because the sulphur content is sufficient along with the polysaccharides named as carrageenan. Gels that can be made from home can also be used for the purpose of the facial masks. Skin can be benefitted if we consume the seaweed internally also. This can also be used as a healing product in the joints and the tissues. Also this is beneficial to strengthen the connective tissues in the body.

The Benefits upon Usage

Due to its antioxidant property this can also be useful in much kind of health supplements. Lambda is one of the forms that is mainly used as for the supplement manufacturing since this is easily soluble in water and this will not be in the form of gel. The digestive system can be supported with the help of this and also used to make the medicine in the form of capsules. The cells in the body get prevented from getting damaged due to its antioxidant capacity. Many studies and results have already proven that the product is good and safe for the usage. Everyone wants to know whether the food that we eat is safe or not. This is one of the main questions that everyone thinks before the purchase of a food product. There are many number of food products that are available in the market with added ingredients. When considered about it, this is the one which the food industry prefers to add. This has the ability that the freshness in the food is maintained and also the texture.

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