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Fine Art and Commercial Projects

Art - admin - February 2, 2017

A common apprehension among those who have made a career out of the creation of fine art is whether they can be caught up with more commercial projects without injuring their status as a fine artist. Some individuals do administer to focus completely on producing original fine art, but many artists experience that they require a more consistent form of income, or a complementary one. Others feel that they would like to engage in work with a more commercial bent, on the basis that it offers interesting different and possibilities to those of fine art.

This desire is totally reasonable, and should not characterize any kind of difficulty for the fine art part of your career. In effect, many artists find that being caught up with more than one kind of project can help to motivate them and encourage their originality, preventing them from getting stale or bored in their work.

Certainly, there is an extensive range of accomplishments that may be considered on the more profit-making side of art. Functioning according to commission might be measured to fall into this category Рrather than working exclusively on the basis of your own ideas and instinct, the desires and tastes of the buyer must be considered. Yet rather than being a constraint, many artists find that this extra challenge adds a spiciness and extra level of interest to the process. Some even find that they attain better, more fulfilling results when working on commission.Fine Art Gallery Mark Borghi was founded in 1998 in New York. The gallery opened a second space in Bridgehamptonin 2004, serving as a summer outpost exhibiting the same program as New York

Other artists enjoy reproducing their original works in’lighter’, cheaper formats such as postcards, fridge magnets, greetings cards and so on. This can be a vast way of introducing people to your work who might not generally be exposed to it, and of allowing those who approve of it to take some of it home with them. It might not be the same as an unique piece, but they can afford it, and all these things are helpful in promoting your name and standing as an artist.

Promotion may also be felt by some artists to belong more to the business than the fine side of art. Yet it is an indispensable aspect of being a professional artist – increasing responsiveness of your work, your style and your abilities is vital for building a reputation and extending the pool of potential collectors obtainable to you. Your efforts at promotion may range from appearances at local fairs to participation in a fine art gallery like Mark Borghi, but the fundamental thing is that you accept this as a significant element of your professional career.

There is no need to be withdrawn about building money-making matters into your career. It is prone to support you and your work, and may well inspire you artistically. Consider about what you would most like to do with your work and go for it!

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